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August 08 2017

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August 07 2017

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Okay…this is the most colorful thing I think I have ever done.  The “Original Airbenders” episode just made me want to draw Master Jinora.  Because let’s face it…Jinora is just too awesome.  I thought that once she received her tattoos that should would style her hair a little different, have some new robes.  

The butterflies just kind of came to me, like Jinora taking flight and taking on her new role.  And the spirit world is all colorful and fabulous…

Tagging for spoilery-ness.  Please be kind.  Not everyone has seen the episode.  But I love this one so I had to share.  :)

This one was quick for me.  

The floor is loving Korra

The ones who notice the storms in your eyes, the silence in your voice and the heaviness in your heart are the ones you need to let in.
— Steve Maraboli
(via minuty)
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it’s been a while since i drew something from LOK ;A; 

print will be available for SMASH! con 2017 Sydney


I hate how tumblr doesn’t have dates like you never know when something’s been posted. was it posted yesterday? last week? when George Bush was in office? during the war of 1812? the Precambrian era? idk man

you can be everything that someone ever wanted


but only if you’re a pancake

"Not all men"



You’re right Peter Parker wouldn’t do this

on an unrelated note i don’t think that guy spider-man would, either.



I had a dream last night that carrie fisher handed me a letter that said “kids like you are why I have hope for the future…just relax!” and when I finished reading it she flipped me off…you can’t convince me that that wasn’t carrie fisher’s actual ghost chilling in my mindscape…telling me to chill the fuck out….flipping me off….

when i’m having a bad time with mental illness or stressed or just sad i think of this and you should too…carrie fisher’s ghost is in our corner…

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😂 is this true ?



This is the most blissful scary as shit “I’m fucked , but yay!” Moment in a girls life.

Lmao OMG this is facts

Been Making this Face at Him since Feb. Not even together and I’m already stuck😍🤤😂

Marrying mine. My face been smushed like that since we met.

So I’ll know she’s future bae after this face is made…

Right. ^^

This post is inspiration






owls are bullshit and here’s why


this is what an owl looks like without feathers 

look at it.

its like it came from the labyrinth.

thanks! i hate it


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This is so awesome where is my modern day love story

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June 26 2017

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The Warrior, the Myth, the Wonder.

Minor Application Telling Me To Reboot Computer After Being Installed Must Be Fucking Delusional

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Remember that queer history is global. There is not one country in the world that has no queer community and no queer history. No matter what the laws may be queer people have always existed and we have always made history and never let anyone tell you differently.


self-confidence, i’m realizing, is a lot deeper than just thinking i’m beautiful and being free in who i am. it also includes being confident in my decisions and trusting myself to be committed to the things i want to do. to step outside of my comfort zone and assure myself that i will be okay in doing so. this kind of self-confidence will help me see the success i want to see.

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