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March 22 2017

I’m gonna hold you so tight it’s gonna squeeze out all the bad thoughts and you’re gonna see yourself the way I see you
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.:I’ve got a migraine:.


it’s gotten to a point where i literally reblog the dog video before i even watch it because i know it’s always gonna be good. 

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Soft hearts make the universe worth living in.
Veronica Roth, Carve the Mark
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some website: spoilers about the last jedi! apparently, finn, rey, poe and luke ALL BREATHE! 


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The first trailer for DreamWorks’ Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) is out today!


i feel like i can’t go anywhere anymore without people soothsaying my downfall. even the cashier at taco bell was all “the flock of crows taken to following you portent a disastrous and blah blah fucking blah,” i get it, i’m about to undergo a storm of tribulation, what frickin ever 

When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.
Benjamin Franklin
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scott pilgrim straight up killed people though and nobody cared

That’s just how Toronto is

Actually can i point something out? Bryan Lee O'Malley said Scott never killed them. They just were teleported home and had their lessons learned.

thanks after 100k notes not a single other person has pointed this yet ur the very first person

if you die in Toronto you just reappear in your house with a wicked headache


are you a LGBT(Let’s Guillotine the Bourgeoisie Tonight) gay or a LGBT( Love Grabbin Big Titties) gay




You hear all these “you’re not a real fan unless” and it lists a hundred things, but I met a dude today who saw my Deadpool pin and asked what my favorite story arc was, and I explained that while I loved Deadpool, I was new to Marvel (I only really got into it a year and a half ago) and hadn’t been able to find a lot of the comics. Instead of making a face or a derogatory comment, he just offered to send me all the stuff he had. That is a true fan.

I told the guy at the comic shop when I went in for Black Widow that I’d seen a few Harley Quinn panels on Tumblr and thought it looked badass but didn’t know where to start because my entire involvement in DC fandom was watching the Batman cartoon as a kid. This guy sitting at one of the tables playing Yu-Gi-Oh, wearing a comic shirt and carrying a definitely-hardcore-fan amount of swag, spins around and goes “dude! You’ve never read DC? Check out the back issues wall. They’ve got all kinds of Harley Quinn.” He then proceeded to explain how “New 52″ was a spinoff, and had some split opinions in the fandom, but either continuity is good as long as you pick one and stay with it so you don’t get mixed on what’s going on. 

True fans love to see other people loving the stuff they love.

See how easy it is to be “that cool person who helped me get into X” instead of “that asshole who made me feel bad for not knowing everything about X”?


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@ifoundaflamingsword you are too sweet

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HA!  I drew this way back fro Heroes Con, but never got around to posting it because I wanted to clean it up a little more.  I’m pretty pleased with the way it came out.  There are three others waiting to get tidied, and I’ll leave y’all to guess who they are and what they say.

Also put this one up on teepublic.  It makes a pretty cute t-shirt/mug….

reblogging from the new art blog

I’m still really proud of this one. 

God i love this.

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